What makes World of Warcraft Server types Different

Published: 06th April 2011
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World of Warcraft Server types

World of Warcraft is the most popular MMORPG in the world, with millions of players. With a massive player base you are going to get allot of different types of players and thats why you have so many different types of servers. Blizzard has made several different types of servers to enhance players' experience of the game based on what kind of experience he is interested in. There are four different types of servers in World of Warcraft: 1. Normal (PvE) servers 2. PvP servers 3. RP servers 4. RPPVP servers So with these four choices which is the right one for you and which should you play on. So follow us as we look into making the right choice of server for you before you start to play.

Normal or PvE servers PvE stands for Player versus Environment, this type of servers are focused on player controlled characters combating the computer controlled denizens of the world. The only way a player can get into pvp combat with another player is to join a battle ground or arena, or you will have to have you and the other player flgged for pvp. Unlike PvP servers you will not be PvP flagged in contested zones. Ganking, corpse camping and griefing are no issues on normal or PvE servers.

PvP servers PvP releams on the other hand are all action all the time and you will find as you level that if you find you and the opposite fraction in the same area and it's contested then your going to be in allot of fighting. If your not a fan of PvP then stay away because as much fun as it is to make some ones tottally rotten my camping and ganking them, it always happens back to you. You know what they say: If it's red it's dead!

RP servers RP servers are all about really getting into character and playing the game this way, this means there is no trash talk and you should always act in character. not many player will play this style because very one wants action action action but RP is great becuase you see the game from a different angle. Of course you can't have butthead as your name on these servers because it's roll playing and you would never want that name. Another example of a name you couldn't have is noobkiller or hordesmasher, if you do get away with it in creater creation then you will be reported to a gm and be told to change your name. Further violations of RP rules may lead to suspension of account and even ban. RP servers are there for a reason, make sure you follow there rules.

RPPVP This is a kind of mix between RP and PvP type of servers. f course you follow all the same rules of a RP server but you still have the action and fun of PvP servers, and the out door combat.

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